• NDIS provider 57440679 driving with disabilities.  let us empower you to drivesafety changing the paradigm to driver education empowering job opportunities, social interaction and self managment opportunities. 
  • Drivers with disabilities such as Anxiety. Aspergers, Autism, Downs, CP. MS. ABI who are receiving driving coaching through idrivesafety are having significant success in gaining a driving licence and saying #Idrivesafety too!
  • driving beyond the disability for life.

    Road Safety Educators Australia letter to families of NDIS drivers workbook copy

    Driving beyond the disability, world leading 5 star driver education programs the empower drivers with disabilities to drive beyond the disability.

  • Graduated education systems that have significantly greater results than previously imagined, empowering social interaction and working options for those in our community with disabilities .
  • idrivesafety  accredited  driving coaches  are leading the change in Australian driver education. instruction is not education.
  • Australias most effective driving curriculum. researched globally impacting locally
    • 3 foundation.
    • 5 interactions
    • 12 groups
    • 44 modules
    • 797 units of CBT
  • cars fully equiped;
    • hand controls
    • Telemetrics
    • left foot accelerator
    • Steering balls
    • electronic modification
  • We have approved occupational therapist and only use the very best for your needs.
  • email  and arrange a time to discuss your personal needs


We offer 3 packages? (Victorian model)

  1. Platinum Plus: Disability services: 5 Star Driver Education program tailored to disabled drivers (Asperger’s, Autism, ABI, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy. MS and Stroke impacted clients) will be delivered as per the platinum package with 120hrs full service package delivered over 2 years or as needed. City driving, Defensive Driving course, Country roads are part of the idrivesafety total care package. Specialist driving coaches are accredited to deliver this training package. Limited licensing options available.
  2. Platinum club: our aim is for all novice drivers in Australia to receive this education model as Driver’s Ed. 1hr per month, 30 hours’ total (delivered over 2 years where learners journey permits) can be delivered over shorter time frame. Parental input is required to practice each process following driversEd sessions. Vision Zero outcomes
  3. Gold package: 12 hours. the most used package for parents who find us late into the training journey. Modules 9+16+17+18+21+22+23+24+26+27+28+39.7+12+33 are foundational processes and trained as part of all interactions. limited coaching processes 15+20+25. This package has significant crash reductions with driver’s subconscious risk taking.


All other driver education is based on client’s needs & requirements.

Inserts from Road Safety Educators Australia  5 star driver education program, workbook



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  • Welcome, Finally Australia has what they have been seeking for 50 years. Life changing driver education that expects zero injuries for newly licenced drivers, you will see and feel the difference in as little as one session, knowing you are actively identifying & managing risks, yours, other road users and calibrating each interaction which automates #idrivesafety. Together we will educate you with safe processes for each interaction to actively manage and avoid potential crashes no matter whose fault it was. Expect Vision Zero!
  • Our vision statement: If you’re not learning! It’s our fault[1]. We will change our delivery to match you. Learnt is not learned until it causes a safe action and each action is automated regardless of situations and distractions.


[1] Based  on your role conditions being accepted and carried out