Platinum Package, + for learner drivers

Guaranteed to significantly reduce crash risks in teenage drivers! 

research driven 5 star driver education programs delivered in a graduated education system. Finally after 7 years global research Australia has real driver education. not laps around a test with tips and tricks to pass  and then have high crash risks.

$66 Per Hour

  • Platinum + 120 hours full service
    • 3 Foundations
    • 5 major interactions
    • 12 groups
    • 44 modules
    • 797 units CBT
    • all clients currently experiencing Vision ZERO
  • Platinum 30X1hr sessions 5 initial then monthly for learner period or as required
  • Comprehensive parental support
  • Melbourne Trams hook turns
  • Country roads training
  • Defensive driving course ($270.00 value included)
  • eLearning road law Support
  • Unlimited Backup & Support
  • Past clients currently experiencing Vision Zero

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Road Safety Educators Australia
“Your sons and Daughters crash risk is extremely high, if you continue with the current driving instruction system”
     We are pleased to Present the most significant change to Australian driver education in 50 years, 7 years in research & development globally, with one aim, Change the system in driver education to effective.
     I would like to personally invite parents, Grandparents, supervising drivers and Learner drivers to a first, we want to support you and your teens to drive crash free every day, everywhere. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Christian College for their support in reducing road trauma. 
     Generations of Australians have received a couple of lessons driving around a test route with how to park. It is not producing safe drivers; research shows driving instructors produce high risk teens. As a result of the instruction process Teens are over massively represented in road deaths and serious injuries.

     Change the delivery methodology along with the curriculum and they will learn just fine, in fact, teach them effectively and they will #drivesafety. Change to coaching and stop blaming the learners.

     Your teens deserve real driver education that allows them to start safe solo driving from day one, actively managing the risks and avoiding the faults of other drivers. Our past Gold and platinum clients are driving injury free everywhere, every day we will show you how.